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Robotic surgery, or robotic-assisted surgery, is minimally invasive and offers several advantages over traditional surgical procedures. Robotic surgery offers your surgeon a better range of motion and an excellent 3-D view of internal structures while performing surgery. The surgeons at Lakeland Surgical Clinic, PLLC, in Jackson, Mississippi, use today’s most advanced system, the da Vinci Xi®, to perform an array of procedures with deft precision. To learn more about the capabilities of robotic surgery, or schedule a consultation, call the office or book online today.

Robotic Surgery Q & A

What is robotic surgery?

Robotic surgery refers to performing minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures using doctor-controlled robotic devices. The skilled surgeons at Lakeland Surgical Clinic, PLLC, only use the most advanced robotic system available, which is currently the da Vinci Xi® Surgical System.

Robotic surgery never replaces individualized attention and human care. During robotic surgery, your surgeon, and a full surgical team, still perform your surgery.

How does robotic surgery work?

The da Vinci Xi system includes a bedside robotic unit that has four arms designed to hold and manipulate narrow surgical instruments. One arm holds the endoscope, which provides lighting and contains a video camera that transmits a view of the surgical site.

Your surgeon starts your surgery by making several small incisions and inserting trocars, or narrow tubes, in each incision. The robotic arms use the tubes to access structures in your abdominal cavity.

The second key piece of equipment is the doctor’s console. After setting up your surgery, your surgeon sits at the console, where they can view the surgical site on a monitor and use sensitive instruments to control the robotic arms. The hand and fingertip controls translate their movements into the motions performed by the robotic arms.

What are the advantages of da Vinci robotic surgery?

Since robotic surgery is minimally invasive surgery, you have less bleeding and pain, along with a faster recovery after your procedure. However, the da Vinci Xi offers several advantages that improve your surgical outcomes.

The robotic arms become a natural extension of your surgeon’s hands, yet they’re smaller than a human hand, allowing them to reach tight spaces in your body with minimal trauma. The da Vinci Xi system also features advanced technology such as:

Superior vision

The da Vinci Xi is equipped with 3DHD® vision, giving your surgeon a superior view inside your body with a magnified, 3D high-density image. The robotic system also has fluorescence-imaging abilities, allowing visualization of bile ducts, blood vessels, and tissues.

EndoWrist® instruments

All the different surgical tools are equipped with EndoWrist technology that enables fine movement and delivers a range of motion that’s better than that afforded by human hands.

To learn more about robotic surgery and see if you’re a candidate, call Lakeland Surgical Clinic, PLLC, or schedule an appointment online today.