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Additional Testimonials


“My name is Tammy and a little over a year ago I made the decision to have weight loss surgery. I researched physicians in my area, and I chose Dr. Jonathan Adkins. When I met with him on my initial consultation, he listened to my concerns and answered all of my questions. After discussing all of our options, I felt like we made the best choice for me. He was easy to talk to, down to earth and he never made me feel rushed or intimidated. I was nervous as my surgery date approached but I knew I was in good hands. My post-op experience was just as great. The recovery was even easier than I had anticipated. I felt like he cared about me! He was always available if I needed him or had any concerns. He had a gentle, calm, caring bedside manner, and I truly felt that his goal was to make sure my surgery was a success. I am forever grateful for his knowledge and expertise, I could not have chosen a finer physician.”

– Tammy P.

“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer my husband and I were terrified. At Lakeland Surgical, Dr. Pat Scanlon met with us and immediately calmed our nerves with his surgical expertise as it pertained to the double mastectomy we chose to do. He is very confident, yet displays a gentle manor. We felt 100% comfortable with the decision, and I am now cancer free! In hindsight, I realize the surgery was the least of the worries we had during the treatment process. Dr. Scanlon and his team were the reason we felt so at ease.”

– Anna Burnett, Breast Cancer Survivor


“Needless to say, I was overwhelmed with my diagnosis of colon/stomach cancer. I was able to feel a peace about my condition after seeing Dr. Scanlon. He was very caring; he listened and answered every question in a way I could understand. He explained every step of my treatment plan. His comforting bedside manner was appreciated. Dr. Scanlon is “The Total Package”– his knowledge, skills, communication and bedside manner were all top notch.”

– J. Hamil

“Upon diagnosis with breast cancer in 2010, my whole world was shattered! I didn’t know which direction to go. I was referred to Dr. Patterson by Dr. Shelby Brantley. There was never a moment that I didn’t feel like he would ever let me down. And when I was diagnosed again in 2014 with breast cancer in the same breast, Dr Patterson once again made me feel so comfortable with the new path that I was about to take! I placed my trust in him and his expertise. I know God had a plan when I was referred to Lakeland Surgical and Dr Patterson.”

– J. Watson

“When my general practitioner suggested that there was a possibility I might need gallbladder surgery, the first name that came to mind was Dr. Pat Scanlon. Dr. Scanlon performed an appendectomy on my husband several years ago, and I was so impressed with his professionalism and bedside manner. I did require gallbladder surgery, and again Dr. Scanlon made the whole process seamless. He was so accommodating as far as scheduling the surgery and check-ups, and he also took the time to explain the entire recovery period. I had my surgery on a Wednesday and went to a party Friday night!”

– D. McCarley

“I had a very positive experience with Lakeland Surgical. Dr. Patterson was patient and thorough in his explanation of my diagnosis and procedure to repair my incisional hernia. His years of experience in performing similar surgeries and his knowledge of my condition put me at complete ease throughout the pre and post op time frame. My recovery was as expected, and I was back to my running group within six weeks. I would recommend Dr. Patterson to anyone!”

– M. Myers, Incisional Hernia Surgery

“It sounds funny using the words ‘wonderful experience’ to describe surgery of any kind – but Dr. Chandler really treated me with the utmost care and compassion and I don’t think the process could have gone any better. I love him, and St. Dominic Hospital, and would recommend them to anyone.”

– K. Humphries, Laparoscopic Reflux Surgery

“About six months ago my physician recommended colon resection surgery. She recommended Dr. Rick Yelverton for the procedure. I was aware of Dr. Rick Yelverton’ s excellent reputation as a surgeon but had not previously needed his services. At my first appointment, Dr. Yelverton explained in detail what he would be doing in the colon procedure. He explained the risks involved and answered all of my questions to my satisfaction. Initially, I was a little stressed, but I soon realized I would be in very competent, experienced hands for my surgery. The surgery was a complete success, and my recovery was much faster than Dr. Yelverton had predicted! My second surgery three months later was no different. I have complete confidence in Dr. Yelverton’s skills as a surgeon and would refer him to anyone with general surgical needs.”

– W. Wright, Colon Surgery

“My senior year of college at the age of 20, I was diagnosed with a rare disease called achalasia (an esophageal disease where my muscles were not functioning properly to take food to my stomach). Surgery was the last thing I wanted, but Dr. Chandler convinced me to have it due to his great concern for my health. Without Dr. Chandler and his surgical team at Lakeland Surgical, I would have been put on a feeding tube because I was unable to eat. Dr. Chandler was very realistic about my condition, caring for my wellbeing throughout the healing process. I am now healthier than ever!”

– N. Poole, Robotic Esophageal Surgery

“I was diagnosed with a mass in my colon that needed to be removed promptly. I was sent to Dr. Patterson the next day. He was fantastic, answering all questions,and setting up surgery the next day. Surgery was done on a Friday, the mass was removed without problems. Was blessed that it turned out not to be cancer. Dr. Yelverton visited me over the weekend, he was great, made sure I was not hurting, and took time to answer all questions. Dr. Patterson returned Monday to discharge me. I had some bleeding and pain, called and they saw me the same day. I could not have asked for a better group of doctors and nurses than this group. I will refer my friends, family and patients to see him as I am a nurse practitioner also. Thanks again Dr. Patterson.”

– S. Long

I started my weight-loss journey in April of 2015, when I attended an information meeting. I knew that gastric sleeve surgery was for me. I met Dr. Adkins shortly after the meeting. He was recommended by another gastric sleeve patient at my place of employment. Dr. Adkins was very kind at our meeting. He explained everything and answered all questions to my satisfaction. I am very pleased with my surgery and post-op course. Dr. Adkins has been a steady and experienced presence during this time. My surgery was in September 2015 and to date I have lost between 120-125 pounds.

– Wayne Lobell, Gastric Sleeve


My name is Suzie and my journey started in 2008 when I decided I needed to finally make a life changing decision for the sake of my health and my quality of life. I have always been a “stress” or “emotional” eater as some would say:( I had the lap band put in place in Nov. of 2008. The lap band worked really well for about 2 years at which time it slipped or moved and all bets were off. I gained all of my weight back but more troubling than that, I began to have so many issues with reflux which eventually caused me to have several episodes of pneumonia that I decided I needed to have it removed. I met with Dr. Adkins (Dr. Adkins did not perform my lap band in 2008) and discussed my options, he explained that the bypass would be my best option at this point due to my history of reflux so we got the ball rolling. The staff worked on getting all of my insurance information in place (insurance paid for this procedure) and we moved forward with my procedure in November of 2015. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Jonathan Adkins, about 3 weeks post surgery, I had complications (not caused by anything he did, I had scar tissue from the lap band that had been put in in 2008). I spent the next 2-3 months dealing with these complications (not life threatening) but they did make me a bit miserable. Dr. Adkins literally called or texted me almost daily throughout these complications. He came in during his family vacation to check on me at one point between Christmas and New Years. Dr. Adkins decided it was in my best interest to have the scar tissue removed and we did that in March of 2016. Things have been amazing ever since. I started this journey at 248 lbs., I am currently 165 lbs. Dr. Adkins continues to check on me if I don’t make my appointments at Transformations and anytime I have an issue he responds immediately. While I would love to say I lost this weight because I suddenly decided “crossfit” was my best friend, I am not that person. Some of us need additional tools to help us stay on track. This surgery was and continues to be a tool. You have to put in the effort but its so worth it in the end. I am no longer taking medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and am no longer pre-diabetic! I have so much more energy and my quality of life has improved dramatically. I can’t thank Dr. Adkins and his staff enough for this gift:)

-Suzie McDowell, Gastric Bypass

“I lived with GERD for about nine years.”​

“It was horrible, you couldn’t enjoy the foods that you really liked to eat, and as soon as ​you ate it, you knew that 25-30 minutes later you were going to be struck with horrible ​heartburn, chest pain and reflux. When my GERD got so out of control that I could barely ​function at work, I could barely function at home, it was affecting not only myself, but my ​husband and my daughter, my mom and my dad. I just knew that we needed to make a ​change and make a change very quickly.”

“I feel a thousand times better. I’m not on any medications. I never use antacids, PPIs, or anything like that anymore.”

“LINX was definitely the best decision I’ve ever made, for my health. It’s not only increased my activity, it’s ​increased my well-being. I want to do more things outside of work because I feel better. Walking the dog, going ​to Pilates, skiing, playing soccer, those are the things that I really enjoy doing and I can do it now.”

Jodi–LINX (Gastric Reflux and Augmentation Surgery)

“I first learned that I had acid reflux in 2008.”

“I had been treating myself with over-the-counter medicines, but they were not too ​effective. I had a constant sensation in the back of my throat. It was always burning.”

​“After having the LINX System installed, I can immediately tell a difference. The burning ​sensation in my throat eased and eventually, completely disappeared.”

“I have no problems eating any foods that I want. The acid reflux symptoms are completely ​gone and this happened without having an invasive surgery that I would have had, if I had ​chosen other methods.”

Wayne–LINX (Gastric Reflux and Augmentation Surgery)

“I had the LINX reflux surgery in February of 2018 and since the surgery I have had NO reflux. No heartburn or indigestion. I had been on reflux medication for 1.5 years and it had gotten to the point the medication did not help. I was having to sleep sitting up. I was aspirating which led to pneumonia and bronchitis. The quality of life I was experiencing was terrible. I would highly recommend the surgery to anybody faced with reflux.”

G. Harris- LINX(Gastric Reflux and Augmentation Surgery)

Weight has always been a problem for me. I weighed 3 lb’s 11 oz at birth. During the first years of my life, I was always encouraged to eat. I was a skinny child so I was always offered seconds. Once I hit puberty, the pounds started to pile on. That is when my family’s attitude changed from wanting me to eat to “you need to lose weight.” I got very depressed. I tried every diet you can think of.
I would lose a few pounds and then regain those pounds and more. I hit my high weight limit of 285.4 lb’s. My health was getting worse. I developed diabetes, hypertension, asthma and hypothyroidism.
I got to where I had to ride a cart to even buy groceries. I could not shop for Christmas. I was very discouraged. But then I went to a St. Dominic Health Fair and saw a brochure on Bariatric Surgery.
I immediately scheduled a session to learn about my options. I was very impressed with the information I was given. I started the program and on August 18, 2014 I had a gastric bypass. That day changed my life forever. As of now, I have lost 100 lb’s. I am not where I want to be, but I am so much better off. I was taking 5 insulin shots a day. Now I am just on pills. I can walk and shop as much as I like. If it wasn’t for Dr. Adkins and the Bariatric Staff, there is no telling what my life would be like now. St. Dominic’s Hospital has given me a new lease on life. I am frequently asked, ” If you had it to do over, would you have the surgery again?” My answer is always the same. ” I would do it in a heartbeat. I have also been participating in Healthy Lives for several years, attend the wellness events and work with one of their coaches to help me stay on track.

B. Chennault- Gastric Bypass


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